2012 NaNoWriMo Winner

It feels pretty good to have crossed that winning-line, even if the last 2000 words were entirely world-building in nature.

I found myself left with a situation where I'd completed Poisonroot and certainly didn't want to ADD anything. I couldn't count words I edited out, so I decided to add some world-building ideas that will find their way onto this blog in good time.

However, my laptop is announcing that my time is short battery-wise, so I will simply post my stats and my winner stamp and be done with it!

I love the acceleration. I'm fairly sure I didn't write a massive chunk on Day 10, but instead failed to update it in time before midnight rolled around.

From the beginning I had flu, so that explains how far behind I was to begin with.

Towards the end: Acceleration! I was a few dozen words over the par every day from about 17 onwards, but it didn't really show until day 25.

Here's my winner's stamp!

And with that, good night!