Map of Zar

Bit quiet on the writing front; I'm editing Poisonroot when I can, but there's not been a lot going on.


I moved house. Again!

Anyway, the cat woke me up at 7.30 this morning (Sunday) and I decided to use the time wisely. My D&D group are journeying into Zar, and Trip's next story will take him there as well.

Some notes on Zar:

The heart of the Science and Industry College, Zar is a kingdom ruled by brothers, Iknis and Aknis Thunderheart; High King Iknis rules in Fjornik while Low King Aknis rules in Loknir. The SIC is based in Fjornik, although there are research centres all through the country.

The smallest of the five countries of Ehrian, its people tend to be short and hardy, fighting the snow and ice with the fire in their hearts. The further north you go the less inhabitable everything becomes; Fjornik, almost the most northerly settlement, is a bastion against the cold, heated by arcane technology developed by the SIC.

There will be lots of other notes about Zar as I continue to build it.

The font used is Colwell. I used Photoshop to make this.