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Short Story Collections

I'm delighted to be able to share these three short story collections with you. These stories span fantasy, science-fiction, steampunk, and horror, and are available now from the Amazon Kindle store for just £2.99.

Cover artwork by Dave Andrews.

Digital Souls

A Sci-fi Short Story Collection

Seven Dark Reflections

A Horror Short Story collection

Tales from Noctis Point

A Sci-fi Short Story Collection


Welcome to Giant's Reach

Proud humans fight for control of land and resources, side by side with giant, intelligent animals. The cat-riding Gyb, the fierce boar-soldiers of the Sanglier, the lizardfolk of Tchudeka, even the Church of the Chimera compete over Yellowdust, the chemical that can give animals size and sentience. But tensions are high as supplies of this vital substance run dry…

I'm writing short stories and a novel in the world of Giant's Reach, and I am pleased to be able to share two of those stories with you, right now. 'Feathered Death', previously published in Broadswords and Blasters 2, and 'Uplifted', an introductory novelette set in the country of Meria.

Every month, I'll release a new short story from the Giant's Reach setting, exclusively for Patreons. In the future, each story will be paired with commissioned artwork, and there are options to have them delivered as a physical booklet or to get involved in creating the lore with me. If you'd like to read those stories, click the link below to become a patron!


Hi, I'm Steve!

I’m an author and teacher living in the UK. I've been writing short stories for several years now, and several have been published in anthologies. In 2015, I won first prize in the Amygdala eZine Short Story competition and was featured in their first issue.

I write across a variety of genres, including fantasy, science fiction, horror, and steampunk. In the past, I’ve written for comic strips and webcomics, and have written four novel-length pieces, one of which is currently seeking publication. I'm never short of inspiration - I'm an avid gamer, a keen LARPer, and I run a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game.

I live in London with my wife Sue, and our cat, Tesla.



Writing Credits

Recent publications and awards

Avast, Ye Airships

Edited by Rie Sheridan Rose

The Clockwork Dragon

Cogs In Time 3

Edited by Catherine Stovall

The Brass Line

Amygdala Magazine

Edited by Dwight Hurst

First Prize winner of the first issue short story competition:


Broadswords and Blasters 

Edited by Matthew Gomez and Cameron Mount

Feathered Death


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