#68 - Noctis Point, Chapter 2

Not again. A man, as wide as he was tall, holding someone against the wall up ahead, a knife glinting in his hand. Alex skidded to a halt.

The man turned, his bald head covered in tattoovids that danced and strobed in the gloom. “Kid,” he said, his voice autotuned to a bass burr. “Get lost.”

The London of 2154 is a gritty place, but even in the darkest reaches of the Dimlands there are bright spots. As Alex makes his way towards one such spot, however, he quickly comes across the worst the district has to offer.

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Music: “The Descent”, "Prelude and Action", "Neolith" and "Big Rock",  Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By attribution 3.0.

Sound effects used in this episode: footsteps running on the street by hintringer; platos 9 by timlaroche; coke can open 3 by kwahmah_02; Rain 2 by Ryding; parisian cafe by volivieri; and sh_shop_door_bell_openclose by shall555.