#67 - Noctis Point, Chapter 1

The explosion tore through the glass-fronted communications building, blasting people on the pavement in all directions. A few metres away, Alex looked up and had enough time to see the cloud of dust and fire burst out through the doors before the shockwave lifted him up and threw him across the street. Glass shattered, cars squealed to a halt, and the screaming began...

Earth, 2154. As the alien Spiders, together with human allies, assault a communications centre in the heart of London, 15-year-old Alexander Deere finds himself caught between them and the elite psychics of the Psy-Ops force.

This year, Pocket Fiction will be host to the entire run of my novel Noctis Point. Each episode will be produced sequentially, taking me through to September. Coinciding with this, I will be releasing Noctis Point later in the year as a Kindle book. 

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Music: “The Descent”, "Harmful or Fatal" and "Full On",  Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). 
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