#58 - Cog519

The cog took a step forward and it was all Nef could do to stay where he was. The first footsteps were painfully grinding, each one slightly easier than the last. It stopped, five feet from Nef, and he suddenly realised how much taller it was than even him.

It spoke, the voice issuing from somewhere within its skull. “Unit 519. Special tactics cog, fifth battalion..."

A horror/steampunk story set in the Poisonroot universe. When a digging team unearths a relic of an ancient war, Akh Nef is called in to recover it. Instead, he reactivates it. It introduces itself as Cog519, a weapon from a harsher time, and quickly forms a bond with the scientist. But will Nef be able to integrate the Cog into his life safely?

The last steampunk story for Steampunktober, in celebration of the release of Cogs In Time 3 anthology, which is now available in ebook and physical formats! 

This is by far the longest story I've attempted to record; I set myself this challenge because I wanted the chance to produce something of a decent length, with a good long buildup, for Hallowe'en. Next month, though, I'll be back to ten-minute episodes.

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Music: “The Pyre” and "Unseen Horrors" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).
Licensed under Creative Commons: By attribution 3.0. 

Sound effects used in this episode: Evil Dentist by Dethrok, low hum by david_werecat, lamp neck bending by jaegrover, Squeaky Door by CastIronCarouselMetallic noise by RutgerMuller, Box opened by Sinjohnt, electricitystatic by sophiehall3535, pencil in a paper by JuGaspari, Breaking Neck by cinevid, and heartbeat fast by harrybates01.