#57 - The Dark Shard, Part 2

The old man’s gummy eyes opened, focusing slowly. “What-“ he said, then licked his dry lips. “What’s the date?”

“October 16th.”

“The year, I mean, boy.”

“Still 2015.”

“Hm.” The old man’s eyes closed. “I still ain’t givin’ you nothin’.”

Part 1 is here!

Colbert tries to salve his conscience for the decisions he's made, and continues to make. But will the testament of one old sailor be enough to convince him he's done the right thing?

Another part of Steampunktober here at Pocket Fiction, celebrating the release of short story anthology 'Cogs In Time 3', now available in ebook and physical formats! The Dark Shard has several roots. I'd all-but forgotten about the Philadelphia Experiment, which is alleged to have taken place in 1943, but podcast Stuff You Should Know did an episode on it recently and pretty much all the way through I was thinking 'But wouldn't it be cool if...' The result is this podcast.

You can find out about the Philadelphia Experiment on Wikipedia, or through Stuff You Should Know(which is a podcast I can highly recommend). The Shard in the podcast is, of course, London's famous building. The USS Eldridge really was the ship at the heart of the so-called Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy, but wasn't actually in Philadelphia at the time the experiment is alleged to have taken place. Which is a shame, really; if you're going to make up a conspiracy, at least make some part of it real, for veracity's sake. 

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Music: “The Pyre” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By attribution 3.0. 

Sound effects used in this podcast: Squeaky Door by CastIronCarousel, Fluorescent by theonlycanvas, Talk to me in Italian by SoundsExciting, chronosphere-ish.wav by FreqMan (and a shout-out there to Command & Conquer: Red Alert), Cinematic Deep Bass Rumble by mmasonghi, and Resonators from Hell by CosmicD.


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