100 Themes 002 - Love

Another piece to warm up with.  I enjoyed playing Portal, and Portal 2; there's a comic called Lab Rat which is well worth reading through. Not very long, and can be found here.


"I suppose this is what love is."

"How do you mean?" I asked.

I walked down the corridor, you on my back. My pace was weak, thready, weaving from side to side.

"You're keeping me safe. You're taking me with you."

"Of course I am. I couldn't bear to put you down. To leave you."

"They told you to leave me."

I shook my head. How did we keep having this self-same conversation? Could you not see?

"They told me to kill you! Destroy you! Heat your substance to a point at which combustion occurs…"

I felt you brush against my head, a stroking movement. "You're such a scientist. My little lab rat."

"We're here."

I was leaning against the wall; despite what I'd said, you're heavy, weighted, and carrying you that distance had been a struggle. But it was bliss compared to an eternity without you.
"What if she finds us?"

I shook my head. You know that she doesn't have sensors down here; we talked about this. I've taken you behind the scenes, where pistons move giant panels into place, and giant springs absorb titanic impacts. It's strangely quiet.

I put you down, and slump suddenly to the ground. My legs feel like water, and yet there you are, giving me strength. I lay my head on your top and put my arms around your corners.
"It's nearly time for you to sleep."

"I know," I reply weakly, and close my eyes. "Will you be here when I wake?"

"I will always be here," I hear you say, ghostly quiet as I slip into oblivion, curled around my companion.