#84 - Noctis Point, Chapter 18

“I didn’t mean to do what I did!”

“Something that we have only your word on!” The Principal paused to wipe away small flecks of white spittle from his mouth. He took a breath that rattled in his throat, then another, calming. “If you had any idea what this is like… I have been a psych almost my whole life. It’s like having an arm removed. Or a leg.”

“Are you going to have me…” Alex said, then stuttered to a stop. I can’t say it, he thought. Can’t even think it. His stomach churned, and bile rose in his throat.

In the aftermath of a site-wide psychic blackout, Alex finds himself the subject of an interrogation. As events rapidly expand beyond his control, suspicion runs high in the other psychs - and none more so than in Principal Reeve.

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Music: “The Descent” "Comfortable Mystery", "Comfortable Mystery 4", Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). 
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