#75 - Noctis Point, Chapter 9

“The Spiders must be wiped out, your Imperial Majesty, and without further delay.”

Ariadne frowned. The speaker was General Slythe, a man as unpleasant as his name sounded; overweight, a heavy drinker and addicted to the street drug Sniff, he was also the most strident voice in the room.

Ariadne attends a briefing that quickly turns into a war council, as new evidence - and an old threat - come to light. 

This episode is a great opportunity to showcase something new! I'm very lucky to be married to a very skilled artist and designer, my wife Susan. She's been busy creating a book cover for the eventual launch of Noctis Point as an ebook. I'm not ready to show the whole cover yet... but the icons for Noctis Point episodes of Pocket Fiction will serve as a really nice teaser!

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Music: “The Descent”, "Vortex", "Crypto" and "Feral Chase", Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). 
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