#45 - Art of War

General Sun-Ji looked out upon his empire, the ghost of a smile touching his lips. The sun was setting, painting everything in shades of blood; the warmth of the day had already begun to sink into the coolness of evening, and a faint mist was rising from the reflection pools in the shadows far below.

The new Emperor looks out upon his empire, victorious, as his scheming son looks on. Can he avoid the final hazard in his rise to power?

A short story from the Poisonroot universe, set in the empire of Koru. The D&D group I run have been playing in Koru for a few weeks now and it's nothing like this story for them. Good thing, too, or I suspect they wouldn't get away with half the stuff they try.

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Music: “The Pyre” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By attribution 3.0. 

Additional voices by Susan Cook.