#33 - Safe Seat

“What the hell are we going to do now?”

David looked through the haze of e-cig fumes towards the speaker.

“You, Nicky? Nothing. You’re done. You lost Loughborough for us.” He leaned forward and picked up his coffee mug from the table, wincing as he took a sip of the cold swill. “Why are you even here, anyway? Bugger off.”

What if there was more to the UK election than we see in the coverage? What if your vote meant more – or less – than you thought? As the UK Election results come out, I present a darker version of the events of the last few months.

If you’re not from the UK (or even if you are!) here are a few bits and pieces that might make this episode of Pocket Fiction clearer.

Prime Minister (at time of writing) and leader of the Conservative party David Cameron’s constituency is Whitney. The other leaders are Ed Milliband (Labour) and current Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and part of a coalition with the Conservatives). Other people mentioned were members of the most recent Cabinet; I’m sure you can match them up. In particular, Nicky Morgan (Conservative) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) are both at risk of losing their seats in reality, though of course right now I don’t know the outcome.

There really were mysterious explosions heard in the night back in November/December 2014. There are plenty of theories, from space debris to fireworks, but no physical proof of anything.

Everything else is a product of my imagination.

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Music: “The Pyre” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By attribution 3.0.