Pocket Fiction - Collaborators needed!

I am always looking for people to collaborate with. In the eleven months Pocket Fiction has been running, it's gone from being simple audio recordings to more rounded immersive experiences and, in some cases, fully-fledged radio dramas. I've been lucky enough to collaborate with a few people, but I'm eager to work with you!

As a guide, 1600 words is about 10 minutes talking time, depending on content. That stands to reason that 3200 words is two episodes, which is also fine. My audience is mixed, so language needs to be PG-13 at worst. I will always send podcasts to you before airing date to check you're happy with them, and I will always strive for the very best showcase for your work!

Email me at stevecook23ATgooglemail.com or contact me through this website, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!