New Website!

I have a new website! It's being hosted by Squarespace, who I'm really pleased to say live up to my expectations. I've heard them advertised on many podcasts I listen to (hint hint!) and can definitely say it's incredibly easy to use. I'm indebted to Sue, my wife, for laying down the design of the site and making sure that everything's structured right to begin with. It took me about five hours to import and fiddle with all the posts; turns out there's an 'import all' option when migrating from Blogger to Squarespace, so that made it easy.

What does this mean for me? Well, if iTunes can change the RSS feed over I will actually be hosting Pocket Fiction from right here. And I'll be able to blog here, upload little bits of fiction and generally share news about what's going on with my writing, all in one place. I can even cross-post to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, meaning that the only extra uploading I'll need to do for PF is for the YouTube account. It's incredibly handy!

Hopefully, what it ultimately means is that my writing, and the Pocket Fiction podcast, will continue to move on to greater things!