Writing for D&D

I do a lot of writing that never sees the light of day to the big wide world. It's consumed on an almost weekly basis by five people instead. I DM a group for a Fourth Edition D&D game, set in the world of Poisonroot but borrowing a lot of things from proper D&D (like races, dragons, magic, gods, planes...) We've been playing for over a year now, coming up on 18 months on and off. We can't meet every week; it's staggering that six busy professionals can get together anything like regularly, really. But we get together enough to see a story.

I love doing it. I really enjoy telling stories and being part of a bigger story makes me happy; I hope it makes the players happy too. Early on in the game I decided it would be useful to have a database that the players and I could add to, building up a picture of the world. It works for me in my writing as well; I can draw on some of the ideas and concepts used by the players.

Anyway, it's all there, free for everyone to read. Going on for eighty pages now, and I'm trying to add one every day or so to keep it up to date. I'm hoping that, as it's fleshed out, the players might add or change bits.

It's available here.