Pocket Fiction has launched!

Pocket Fiction has launched!

Essentially it's an avenue for producing audio stories that I'm recording. Initially it'll be my own stuff, mainly Poisonroot. One of my jobs this week is to continue recording chapters of Poisonroot in advance, so that when term starts next week I've got a load of updates. At first it will be updating on a Friday only, but I might up that to two-a-week when I'm more confident with it. I've also been posting them to Tumblr, at stevecookfiction, and YouTube, for a bit of cross-media notice.

I'm really excited about it!

The deadline came and went for D&D stories, and everyone seemed really happy with them. Essentially, all the characters reached paragon tier, which is a major advancement point both in roleplay terms and in stats. We had a four-week break for real-life reasons between finishing one chapter and actually having the characters get their paragon paths, so we roleplayed it that all five characters went away for a week and had their own personal adventures. I had a long talk with each of the players and we hammered out what their characters did, and then I wrote up an individual story for them. No-one knew I was doing it, which was both exciting and a little scary; trying to capture each character, and at the same time writing a story that would be 'right' and considered canon, was a challenge. However, everyone was really pleased with them, and I got permission to post them here. I'll queue up the posts and you'll get one each day, starting tomorrow with 'Toofi's Tale'.

Next up: Work for teaching work, and then cake-making.