Cogs In Time 3 Book Launch!


Cogs In Time 3 has launched!

"Another turn of the cogs brings you the third instalment in the Cogs in Time Anthology collection. Inside this full-length collaboration, the magical meets the mechanical, traditional meets new age, and all things are possible if you believe. Returning favourites and brand new authors have come together to carry you away into the past, off to faraway lands, and into brand new worlds. Meet surprising characters along the way as you discover places where steam driven machines, cog-powered humanoids, clockwork miracles, and paranormal magic thrive and inventors, dreamers, and revolutionist rule over all."

I have a story in the anthology, 'The Brass Line', and it's a piece of fiction of which I'm extremely proud.

It is only $0.99 (or about 65p here in the UK) and contains thirteen pieces of Steampunk work from a wide selection of authors. Get your copy today!

If you would like a chance to win prizes, including copies of the book and its two predecessors, check out the release party from tonight, midnight!