Ten Ehrian Tales

For NaNoWriMo this year I decided to do something almost guaranteed to end well. Not having finished the third draft of Poisonroot (first thing I need to do in the upcoming year!) I didn't feel that I could start Tangleroot, the sequel, with a clear conscience.

Sue, my wife, suggested I write some short stories set in the same world, and Ten Ehrian Tales was born. Featuring characters both seen and unseen, some main characters and locations mixed in with some hither-to-for unexplored areas, I quickly found that I could easily stay on top of the wordcount while actually having fun.

I was able to keep my attention on my work because each story was bitesize, and it definitely allowed me to flesh out the world a great deal. John Aggs, another friend of mine, suggested that the stories should be jumping-on points for the world. I'm not sure that I managed this; at least one of the stories is fanfiction set within the world itself. I'm sure that some of them stand alone, though.

I'll serialise the stories over December. Enjoy!