Dungeons and Dragons

I go through phases of writing and not writing. I like to call these 'terms'. I have yet to find a way to properly integrate my work life (primary school teacher) with that of being a writer, and it bugs me. I need to make more effort.

What DOES keep me going week to week is writing D&D adventures for the party to tackle. Last time (about three weeks ago unfortunately) was a real doozy for them; someone in their party, an NPC, turned out to be in the employ of a bad guy and also lying to them the whole time; the actual bad guy is in jail; then, zombies. Lots of zombies. It was like 'zoooooooooooombiiiiiiiiiies' for a while.

We left them lying on a bridge after a tide of zombies went through. What delights will I have in store for them this Sunday?

Well, it involves a pair of miniatures I've purchased specially. That's all I'm saying.

In a way it's one of the most frustrating things; I can write D&D but I can't talk about it to any of the people involved. It would give them meta-game knowledge. So that's my wife, my flatmate and four of my best friends out of the equation. Even though one of those friends doesn't play, she's going out with (and living with) one of the players.

It's just something I have to put up with, and, so far at least, the work has not been in vain; things are continuing apace and everyone is enjoying themselves. Well, let's see if that's still the case after Sunday!