D&D and Poisonroot update

I've been busy recently doing a variety of things; I went to Edinburgh for a short holiday with friends and I've generally been relaxing into my summer holiday period. I've indulged my new hobby of jewellery-making and made a bracelet for my sister; it's good to stay interested in things I think, and I get bored easily. I've done a little writing as well, mainly reworking some previous things and, more recently, some world-building.

I've come up with a way to make Poisonroot, which is a project I started a while back, work and still be interesting, and I've also persuaded some friends to begin a D&D campaign with me as the Dungeon Master. With that in mind I've done a lot of reading and a lot of writing in preparation, and I've fleshed out the city of South Porton, one of the cities of the country of Lyria. It's much easier to set my D&D campaign in the country, and on the continent, that I've already named, mapped and designed. I've never liked playing with other peoples' characters or settings; this is a happy medium.

As the campaign progresses, and I write more, I'm going to upload things to the blog. I can't do it right now, though; if John, Nana, Sue or Chippy came here to read it, it'd be spoilers. And we can't have that. But at the same time, there's information they might never hear about, things I'll write that aren't ever going to be heard because the party chooses to go to The World's End for a coffee and pastry rather than a watered-down beer at Jakes'. Well, maybe I'll be able to work it in there somehow. But I think it will provide an interesting amount of unforced background if the things are available here, and I still get to say that I have a writing blog.

I'm hoping that our travels will flesh out the entire Lyrian country. There's no magic in Lyria, but we're playing D&D so there'll be magic. Hell, one of the party is a sorcerer. Disregarding the magic, the way the players see my world and the things they add should help to make the place come alive in a way that I can't on my own. It worked for Raymond Feist; why shouldn't it work for me?

All this said, I've actually got a new lead on Poisonroot, and I've gone back, added another 500 words and changed a few things around so that it fits in with what I've come up with. I'll say only two words: Zombie plants.

I'll update this blog with excerpts when I have more, both Poisonroot and D&D