Here Be Dragons

I really love this story. It was one I started long before starting the patreon, and coming back to properly finish it was a really interesting experience. On the one hand, some of the facets of the world of Giant's Reach have changed slightly, specifically the lizardfolk of Tchudeka; on the other hand, it's a really fun story, and one I wanted to carry on working with. I think I've managed to reach a compromise here.

I can't say enough how fantastic I think the artwork by Mids Artbox is - seriously, if you've got this far and haven't had a proper look at it, you're doing yourself a disservice. Click here right now!

As always, the best way you can help me, as an existing patron, is to show this to someone else. Grab someone you think might enjoy this, or any of the things I put out, and encourage them! Even only one person can make a massive difference!

There's a whole raft of changes coming to the site - a podcast for flash fiction, a new video going up on Friday, and all sorts of tidying up - look forward to it!