Caught In The Wake

Patrons who support me at the $9 level get a custom short story - one that uses a location of their choice, perhaps, or characters, or a whole group. When I chatted with Chippy, one of my oldest friends, she had this fantastic idea for a group of vultures that descended onto battlefields and carried away the still-living. The Wake was born.

I thought it was a brilliant idea - a group of inscrutable people who sat in judgement, despite perhaps not being worthy themselves. They brought to mind the valkyries of norse mythology, but 'wrong', taking the unworthy instead of the worthy.

This story is for Chippy.

Now that I've reached that $50/month funding goal, I'm able to commission artwork - and I've already got some rolling for next month's short story! The illustration for this month's piece is by the amazing Zooophagous, whose work you can find on Patreon and on Tumblr.