Business Scents

I went away on holiday this year camping in Kent, and we went to an animal sanctuary. There was a skunk there that the centre had called ‘Pepé’ whose life story basically boiled down to ‘Was exceptionally fat and had no control over his scent glands, got some exercise, ate less, now is the happiest chap’. He is, as well - a lovely little creature, climbing all over the guide and totally happy to be stroked by us.

Initially I wanted to write a story that mimicked that journey, but after playing with the idea I just couldn’t make it work. The idea of the scent glands stayed with me, though, and scents in general, leading to this story.

The illustration this month is by the lovely Susan Cook - you can see it on the patreon post, or by clicking through to the ‘read online’ page, or by clicking right here - it’s totally worth it!

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