Blood and Salt

This story is one inspired by one of my amazing $9 patrons! He's someone I LRP with and just a great guy. When I asked him about the sort of story he wanted, he told me he wanted 'Something involving Jayk and Mac'; Jayk you may remember as being the otter from 'Soilboy', and Mac is his LRP character. Lo and behold, here is a story featuring Jayk and Mac, an adventure on the high seas, with plenty of explosions to boot!

This month's awesome artwork is a portrait of Mac by Vextera and, like a great many of the ones before, it is awesome.  Click here to check it out!

As always, the best way you can help me, as an existing patron, is to show this to someone else. Grab someone you think might enjoy this, or any of the things I put out, and encourage them! Even only one person can make a massive difference!

If you're not already aware, I now put my flash fictions out as a podcast as well. You can check it out via the Flash Fiction Friday posts!