Hi, I'm Steve!

I’m 32, an author and teacher. I've written several novel-length works, one of which is currently seeking publication. I've also had several short stories published in anthologies, including Avast, Ye Airships, the Writing Times 2015 Short Story Anthology, and Cogs In Time 3. In 2015, I won the Amygdala eZine Short Story competition and was featured in their first issue.

I’ve written across a variety of genres, including fantasy, science fiction, horror, and steampunk. In the past, I’ve written for comic strips and webcomics. I also produced a podcast, ‘Pocket Fiction’, which published weekly on Fridays for two years. Featuring a mix of my own writing and that of contributing authors, the podcast is now archived on this website.

I live in London with my wife Sue, and our cat, Tesla.

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